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Food Insecurity is a harsh reality that affects many communities across the country.

The idea for Community Bite came from a conversation which was sparked from an article Jen had read about a couple of mission-driven chefs living on the west coast who had a plan to provide affordable better quality meals to poor neighborhoods. We talked about how great it would be to partner with our chef friends in this area to do something similar; to provide this experience free to those less fortunate and without the financial means to go to a restaurant and order a healthy chef prepared meal.


After a lot of research and conversations with friends in the local food scene as well as with schools and other non-profits we realized there was a serious need for not only a platform for access to seasonally fresh and highly nutritious meals but also for education! Each dinner feeds approx. 200-300 people and is all done so through volunteers and donations.


At the community outreach dinners local health & wellness educators set up information and demo tables focused on the nutritional theme for the season, such as digestive health or sustainable foods. Our goal is to create change coupled with support so that many of our less fortunate community members can have better access to affordable, nutritious food and education.


Community Bite's interests have developed into creating and providing community outreach dinners, cooking classes, nutritional consults & farm field trips. All are free and all are welcome! Donations go towards creating, executing and promoting these events.  Thank you! 

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