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Community Bite is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides a diversified nutritionally focused partnership with local culinary experts, farmers, producers, and health and wellness educators to Central Pennsylvania communities.

Students, families and those in need in the area have the opportunity to enjoy a whole foods chef prepared meal while engaging in conversation with local health and wellness experts at no cost. Events throughout the year include community outreach dinners, cooking classes and local farm tours. The mission of Community Bite is to promote affordable nutrition and combat food insecurity through positive community engagement events. 


Founded by Jennifer Swistock & Rebecca Larsen in 2017, in collaboration with a community of like-minded individuals including chefs, farmers, producers, health and wellness educators and activists, Community Bite is a response to the need for educational opportunities focusing on affordable nutrition. For many people in the Central Pennsylvania region food insecurity is a daily part of life.


Community Bite began with the desire to share nutritional education, overall health and wellness opportunities and support to low-income households, students and homeless members of the community. Throughout the year we provide highly nutritious chef-prepared meals, access to education, and opportunities for hands-on cooking classes and farm tours, with the overall goal to create positive change in our local food network systems. We believe a healthy community is a strong community.

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